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I'm assuming you wanted to use famous songs and re-arrange/re-orchestrate them for educational purposes?

have you looked into "Fair Use"? You can actually use famous music for free without obtaining a license so long as it is for educational purposes. This is how news broadcasts, documentaries and schools can sometimes get away with using music for free.

There are a lot of stipulations and caveats to it. so you have to make sure you are strictly within the guidelines. But if your videos are to educate moreso than to promote you and your skills, then you could make the case for Fair Use. And the fact that only a couple hundred people see it, means it isn't really worth it for the publishers to try and come after you.
Fair use might be stretching it. I get the ownership issues. I guess I'm must sighing with exasperation that the old model doesn't fit modern requirements. I'm hoping the PROs are able to provide a seamless and cost effective way for small-time creators to cross the right t's and dot the right i's when it comes to music rights. It's hard enough understanding the rights, much less figuring out a way to pay for them. It's not like I'm some fancy Madison Avenue agency buying rights for a Global Domination, Inc. ad campaign. More like Joe Schmo in a home studio experimenting with ideas with a minuscule budget and no revenue. /rant off