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The UAD Apollos "x" series are supposed to be upgraded converters over the previous series, but I notice the x6 is showing just slightly worse numbers than the old Apollo 8. Any thoughts on the particular reason behind this, or am I interpreting the data wrong?
The results of this test say that the copy of a music sample, called here 'the original', got through DA and AD converting is a (very small) bit closer to the original when using Apollo 8 than when using Apollo x6. The closeness measurement is the RMS level of the difference between the original and the corrected copy. The corrected copy is got by applying to the copy a time delay and left and right gain corrections, these three parameters being optimized so that the RMS difference level, the largest one between the left and right ones, is minimized.

Is it coherent with your subjective judgement when listening to the original and to both copies ? Only you can say. The links here below lead to the original and to both not corrected copies. Hence the left and right gain corrections determined by the above process shall be applied to both copies for comparative listening. In this case, they have by chance the same 0.1 dB value for left and right channels of both copies.

The original

Apollo 8 copy
Gain corrections: 0.1 dB left, 0.1 dB right.
Difference: -46.3 dBFS (L), -47.4 dBFS (R)

Apollo x6 copy
Gain corrections: 0.1 dB left, 0.1 dB right.
Difference: -45.6 dBFS (L), -46.9 dBFS (R)

list of results

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