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As far as being able to cover a popular piece of music, yes that does get more tricky but it's my understanding that a mechanical license is all that is required, and yes you have to pay royalties when you go this route.
That is incorrect. a Mechanical license only covers the sale of physical product. Since this person is Synchronizing the music to picture he has created, it is a sync license, not a mechanical. And the publisher can ask for whatever they want for the license.

That is why music libraries are so popular now.

If I write a hit song, I shouldn't be under any obligation to license it to you for some small one-off fee just because you happen to be a small creator. Someone with more experience in covers I'm sure can chime in on this.
you are correct. It is your intellectual property, and you can license it to whomever you wish for whatever price you wish.

If you licensing the music to a small time vlogger would hurt your brand and your ability to attract listeners... then you have the right to say no or charge a crazy amount of money.