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I pay low fees to license short b-rolls, and stock photography. Why can't it work this way for licensing the music alone and let me "do it myself"? Perhaps the new law on music rights will help in this regard. Publishers are not helping us little guys to to easily pay a reasonable fee for our modest requirements.
It does work this way?

Pond5, AudioJungle and a zillion other sites let you license short pieces of music the same as you do for stock photography/video.

As far as being able to cover a popular piece of music, yes that does get more tricky but it's my understanding that a mechanical license is all that is required, and yes you have to pay royalties when you go this route. If I write a hit song, I shouldn't be under any obligation to license it to you for some small one-off fee just because you happen to be a small creator. Someone with more experience in covers I'm sure can chime in on this.