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I have the TC VSS3 & Lexicon PCM Bundle; they are both outstanding.
VSS3 used to be my go-to, much loved, reverb, in Powercore days. Coincidentally I just sent an email to TC Electronic support trying to figure out how to crossgrade from my Powercore VSS3 to the native version. (It's been so long I don't have any handy proof of ownership etc.).

I am demoing a bunch of Waves stuff right now. One of them is the Manny Marroquin reverb. I usually loathe this kind of celebrity-branded, cheesy interface stuff that Waves does, but dang this thing sounded amazing on the track I tried it on. Hate the purple so much that it leaves me on the fence (only half joking), but I guess the lesson is to just listen in context and prepare to be wowed.