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The voltages in that amp can kill you if you dont know what you are doing, and you dont sound like you know what you are doing. There is plenty of info on guitar amps out there, if you really want to learn then study study study!
I am aware of that, & I worked with one hand behind my back. I put my ground lead on my multimeter to the amp chassis & the positive lead to test points "PR1" & "PR2" I'm getting -30v on PR1 & 0.00v on PR2. I also tested pin 5 & 7 with the power on in standby & got -30v on tube 1 & -30.2v on tube 2. On closer inspection my one power tube has a u shaped crack & I believe that is why it is no longer glowing due to a ignorant tech I traveled 4hrs round trip to bias this amp & when he tried he found I had a bad bias pot & wanted $100 to replace it & bias the amp. I was not paying him that nor traveling another 4hrs to pick it up, when I know how to put in a new B50K bias trim pot & drain the caps. I know my power tubes were good cause I had them tested the day before at another shop but they did not have any 6V6GT. So out of spite this tech cracked my tube.

You are correct I'm not sure how to bias an amp hence the reason I'm asking. I've researched how to do it & no one says how to on this amp. I know the formula PV/PC/PD for bias'ing & I'm trying not to kill myself, so your comment isn't very helpful but thanks!

Instead of saying study, study, study, it would be more helpful to share some knowledge & share some links, as I know some stuff about electronics but not enough to know a lot of other stuff & the misinformation on this amp is unbelievable! After all that's what these kind of forums are for... Right?