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Old 1st December 2018
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Mixbus V5 performance on old hardware

Performed a test upgrade to Mac OS Mojave on my 2017 15" MBP. It broke my Echo Audiofire 12 interfaces as they won't pass audio anymore. It shows them connected to the Firewire bus, but the console app will not start. Confirmed this by restoring from a backup. This computer is also used for photo/video editing so an upgrade to Mojave will be happening, it's just how long it can be delayed.

One option is to buy a new interface. This would keep my rig simple (and smaller) as I normally work in Logic or Numerology before going to Mixbus. Also keeps all the VSTs (Komplete, Arturia, etc...) on the same machine.

The other option is to load an old i5-3470 (3.2 Ghz, 8 GB RAM) machine with Windows 7 and use it as a recorder/mixer only. Not sure how if that machine is powerful enough to run Mixbus 32C with some plugins on 20-30 tracks. I'll have to move projects over for mixing. I'm very comfortable in Windows (probably more than MacOS) so no worries there.

My question is whether I can expect reasonable performace from Mixbus in this configuration or should I find a new interface?