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Old 30th November 2018
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I asked them for a multi-band EQ that has all their color EQs integrated, with variable Q and all. They wrote back that they are working on that. I asked to be a beta tester. Haven't received the beta yet, though.
Their small EQs are really good, but a bit too restricted.
Awesome, they didn't tell me about that. Though I know there is a new version of Blue coming with some extra features.

I beta test for them! The new versions or Pi/Phi and the Musiqual series are all now 10x more precise with .1 settings for each control. They're far more useable. Like you, I found them too restrictive to use properly so I sent them a few impassioned emails and they got me on to beta and other assistance, and put my suggestions into action. And now they are truly powerful tone shapers.

Pretty much the only analogue style EQs I mix with now with Acustica stuff on busses for that extra flair. I absolutely love them to bits.