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Old 30th November 2018
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I've been noticing something with the Scarlett 6i6 (it's: while using inputs 1+2 to the headhpone amp, with the amp at maximum I could hear hiss audibly; however, when using outputs 3+4 with the headphone amp, no hiss – everything is pitch black (I switch between outs 3+4 when in Reaper, as I have a dedicated crossfeed plugin on the monitoring path, and 1+2 for normal output). So today I decided to do the loop-back test again, but this time going out 3+4 to in 3+4 (obviously, no plugins on 3+4); this gave better results than 1+2. I don't know why 1+2 differ than 3+4 (even in the specs, 1+2 have a max of +16dbU, and 3+4 have a max of +14.5dbU), but 3+4 should give better transparency and noisefloor.

Anyway, here are the DiffMaker results:

Scarlett 6i6 recorded file: Box
Audio DiffMaker difference file: Box
Audio DiffMaker output: parameters: -19.78usec, 1.161dB (L), 1.171dB (R)..Corr Depth: 17.5 dB (L), 19.1 dB (R)