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Old 30th November 2018
What a nonsense, they can´t trick physics and laws of nature (numbers)! And they know that, hence they write:

"...that eliminates audible pre–echo and post–echo to the highest degree"

This is NOT without pre-echo, it´s just not that noticeable, but I bet $1000 that if you boost +10dB ~400Hz on a highly transient sound like sharp drum sounds, you WILL hear pre-echo. And if I want to avoid that by the highest degree, I simply use a solid, non-FFT based linear phase implementation like in MeldaProductions Linear Phase EQs at the highest quality setting. And I bet again that this one here will not be better than Meldas top stuff, as this also avoid pre-echo as good as possible, but well, as good as POSSIBLE, it is not NOT there, this is impossible and is snake oil if they say different. But let´s demo it once it´s out. Though anyone who´s sane won´t order it for THAT price in 2018