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Old 30th November 2018
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Originally Posted by Giuseppe Zaccaria View Post
Yes it is that expensive, but who knows perhaps their claim is real to be the best sounding eq...
Was the developing of the codes a mad expensive nightmare to re-work from scratch the old tech from Peq Orange?
Maybe someone knows more about?
Out of respect for MAAT, I would test their EQ.

I can only offer my personal experience with testing the original Algorithmix Red and Orange EQs several years ago, which with the Red (if I recall which correctly), I could configure to cancel 100% with another far less expensive linear phase EQ. Needless to say, I didn't purchase either.

Perhaps MAAT has come up with a novel advancement that offers something of value over other linear phase EQs. I would certainly give them a chance to prove the claims and the price point.