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He doesn't care what you think or I think, he's not listening ... he's going to lecture you into submission ... your mistake was in thinking a discussion would ensue

I just find it amazing that a) someone has the time to type all that (where do they get the time??) and b) it matters to them sooooo much that they are seen to be right, important and well connected. Just seems a bit desperate to me.

You get alot of that on music forums I find it quite funny tbh.

Good chatting VWs and Nissan's with you Sharp!

Just off to fill my Polo 1.4 up with diesel before I start on some more Pond5 trax...

I am out of this thread though (hurrah I hear you cry!) cos some peeps are transmitting but most definitely not receiving.



P.s. Apologies to the mods for going O/T.