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Here for the gear

@ Etch-A-Sketch - cheers for your thoughtful note.

- If a type of distribution becomes required that wasn't included in the original license, then yes - of course - clearance for the additional distribution must be granted via a new/custom license.

- Getting clearance for a specific number of edits of a single ad/production is catered for in our license-builder system.

- You are totally right, similar to the stock sites you list, Music Vine is clearly a platform intended to provide folks with a convenient way of accessing great production music. For the vast majority of small-to-medium scale production companies, going through the process of getting a customised license for each and every video simply isn't a viable, practical option. That is who our platform serves. We are fundamentally different to the stock sites you list because we take great care with building our catalogue, our UX, our license structure is much more comprehensive & variable, we invest a lot of time in assisting and working directly with our artists.

What we do is different to what you do. There will always be a place for high-end & very specifically selected / bespoke music that requires custom licensing & a premium for such service. I agree that for larger commercial usages we have a responsibility to consider our price-point very carefully, or whether it's appropriate to have off-the-shelf licenses at all.

@ UnderTow - with respect, democratising is totally different from crude undercutting. The reality is that video industry has evolved hugely within the last 10 years - with a huge amount more content being created for much smaller-scale commercial usages. We are catering to that evolution by seeking to marry convenience with fair pricing and quality. Custom licensing is not a practical option for a huge proportion of video production companies/freelancers out there.

@ Desire Inspires - Feel free to keep track buddy. We've been off to a good start.