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ATMOST makes ordinary surround sound seem like its in plain stereo.
Every real room, every real space has acoustic height. That creation of height of the real world space is the idea behind immersive audio. Immersive audio IS NOT hearing certain sounds coming from above. It can be nice, but in many cases it just distracts from the screen.

Contrary to that understanding, which is already a result of Dolby's marketing, immersive audio is not really heard. Quite the contrary. Immersive audio makes the room disappear and replaces it with an other space.

Real immersive audio makes walls disappear. It even can create the illusion of a much smaller room, like a car interior.

How many mixes are out there, where people talking in a car, are put into an immersive audio car interior, where the cinemas ceiling suddenly seems to be just above the heads of the audience?

That kind audio sucks viewers into the screen! It feels, as if you were IN that space. That's immersive.
Contrary to that, panning the wind's noise on ceiling speakers has not much to do with immersion. It distracts.

Another example: if you are lsitenign to a conversation in a cathedral, you don't hear sound coming from a ceiling. You don't hear the left wall's refelctions, the right wall. You are just in a different room.
That's what immersive audio is about and was invented for by van Baelen.