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Never ever buy anything from Musician’s Friend

Well Today a gentleman from the Musician’s Friend company sent me an email and made a noble gesture ..
they delivered my plugin and honored the deal ..
they didnt even charge me with $19
.. They gave it for free..
I am thankful for this classy act.. and wanted to let you know too !

All the best
Cenk Eroglu

Never ever buy anything from Musician’s Friend .. I made a purchase for a Black Friday deal on Friday.. Softube Summit Audio plugin.. They made me wait for 5 days and I was on the phone 4 times with them and they kept telling it will be send in couple of hours.. now I recieve a cancelation email.. reason given is : We wrote the price tag wrong and we cant sell it for that price.. I already spent a lot of money for the phone bill ( Overseas) and now this.. Beware..
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On 27 Nov 2018, at 23:17, Musician's Friend <[email protected]> wrote:

Cenk Eroglu, here's the latest information about your order #S28649888 .
Musician's Friend (877) 431-1774 Shipping Details Order Status Help Sign In
Dear Cenk Eroglu,

Thank you for your recent order #S28649888 .

The item(s) noted below have been cancelled from your order.

If you have any questions about this cancellation or would like us to suggest alternative products, please call (877) 431-1774 for help.

Musician's Friend Customer Service
Cancelled Items
Item # Description Qty
J40103000000000 Softube Summit Audio Grand Channel Regular 1.00
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