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We've been devaluing "real" music for decades now - ever since Hendrix tracks were used to sell Fords, and Copland's "Rodeo" to sell macaroni and cheese in a package.

Like Zappa once infamously said "most people wouldn't know great music if it came up and bit them on the ass" - no one cares if you're a "famous hollywood composer" recording real orchestral works if they can't discern Copland's great works from something they've heard a thousand times from a library track using NI sample libraries.

You write library music because you get to indulge yourself in a craft you enjoy, and make some money on the backend - sometimes a lot, but more often, a little. The quality is something we strive for because we care - in a world where everything has become a commodity, how the public "values" it is not in our control - however, as teachers and educators, we can make a difference, slowly, over time.