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I treat music libraries like a chef would treat his produce.

A chef will buy his onions, garlic, herbs, meat etc and needs to them profit from that. If he doesn't use those things he's invested in, he's losing money. He needs to push them onto the menu.

If a chef is getting all his produce for free, based on idea that he could profit and share that profit with the produce giver, he has nothing to lose. If he makes a profit great, if not, no loss to him. Only the produce guy has something to lose.

Even the 50/50 sync library deals I have, I can state that I put same amount of effort into those I've done as well as work for hire or UK advance. And I have done very similar albums. Same amount of hours into an album that has netted me almost $10k in work for hire as $0 in advance. The difference in licensing is night and day. The libraries who pay up front for my work make something happen. My tunesat is blowing up on release whilst the 50/50 sync stuff seems to sit there doing SFA. So what is happening here? Surely the 50/50 sync guys can low ball and offer up more for less? If so, why aren't the users of this music biting? I don't really know what's going on there. I just know the results.

Someone (or a multi million dollar company) has a lot to lose if they're not looking to make a return on their investment. Whilst the 50/50 sync model can be complacent.

On top of that, every work for hire or advance library I have dealt with, I have met them, or emailed them extensively, have a rapport, they produce well, they invest time, they are invested in me (on top of financially), in contrast to random emails, lack of communication (no reason to invest time) from 50/50 sync libraries. There's no need to invest anything as the work relationship is entitled in favour of the library from the get go. I find the results telling and the fundamental transaction of library/composer seeps into every business transaction and communication down the line.

So I do think quality rises to the top.

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