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Roland JV 1010 Expansion

Greetings all

I have been using the Roland JV-1010 for a lot of years. I know it is old but it still sounds fantastic for what I'm doing with it.

A few weeks ago I came across the "expansion board" that was available for it - something that I never had for it. I was looking around on eBay and much to my joy I found one. I ordered it right away.

It arrived today but much to my surprise it wasn't a "board" that I thought I would have installed into the 1010. It came on a CD. The CD contains 40 folders and in each folder there are 200 "Banks" of "SYX" files.

My question is, how do I get all of these SYX or Banks into the 1010 so that I can assign them as instruments in Sonar? In a perfect world I would like to merge all of these new expansion files with the patches that are already there in the 1010.

I am using an M-Audio MIDI X2. One input for the Roland and the other for my Ketron SD 2 module.

I will add that my current works very well. I would just like to get the new "expansion" sounds into the 1010 so that they'll show up as new Banks that I can assign as "ins" in Sonar.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!