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Thank you for explaining your technique. I have a room where the previous residents decided to "DIY" the drywall installation -- and it shows if you look at the walls at from a shallow angle. I think that a finishing technique like yours will help me hide some of the flaws after I smooth out the worst of them.

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Again, sorry for the delay, i just saw this.

It's pretty easy to get the finish on the walls.

Start with a white primed wall. The grab your dark paint color. A large brush, and start painting. Vertical strokes, don't saturate the brush too much, and a lot of vertical "scrubbing"motion to get all the spots. And you'll naturally get that mixed translucent look. It's takes some effort to get a consistent level of darkness throughout.

You can even dilute the paint with a glaze and that'l let you work slower and more carefully. I didn't do this though.

It takes a lot of elbow grease.