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I don't feel every company has to have a Black Friday deal, but I don't see Steinberg as having been very high on rewarding their long time customers for much of anything. Such as specials on upgrades & especially those outright purchasing an entirely new version, and buying additional licenses etc, this could go a long way.

As a business owner for in home electrical services, I have to drive out to a home, takes time, gas, wear & tear on my vehicle, costs money. Yet there have been times where I didn't charge my full rate, or not at all, if it was something quick or no failure, and not far out of my way. At those times I could charge fully just for 'stopping by' ... not unreasonable. But for long time customers of several years, I don't charge for a literal stop by when not out of my way. No wonder I have loyal customers for decades. Sure, I could pull a 'Steinberg' and my customers could have a "Buyers decide" moment, which I'm sure when they need someone quick, they'd call me back anyway, because I have them by their short hairs. I don't see that as good business practice.