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Here's a guess: the A12X SOC in the new iPad Pros has four high efficiency cores and four high performance cores. For some reason iOS is running the apps on the high efficiency cores, and they don't have enough performance. Hence the very high CPU utilisation and the audio dropouts: the calculations for each audio buffer may not complete before the next buffer is required, and the situation is made worse if the app is doing anything else such as drawing its UI. iOS should be running the apps on the high performance cores, but some sort of bug specific to the new iPad Pros is preventing that happening.

if it is this then it's not a question of developers needing to update their apps, it's one for Apple.

Edit: I see some of the folks on the Audiobus forum thread that crony linked to are thinking the same thing.
Ooh, this is very interesting and very convincing. I just sent this to my Apple Support Engineer. Hopefully, this is something that they can confirm or at least work with. Thank you!