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writing university just for me

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I think the "ah-ha!" moment for me came when I recognized that lyrics don't need to make strict grammatical or even syntactical sense, so long as they convey the ideas or feelings you're striving for. And so if the prosody isn't sitting quite right I may rearrange the order of words -- something you would never do when having a conversation, but a tactic that lends itself to the poetic license songwriters can take advantage of.
I was a student, I had the same thoughts ... The main idea was “high-performance test”. I believed in my charisma and thought about the benefits of the great practice. If I write 5-8 thousand sheets of lyrics, I will become a good writer. I have had 2 years of collaboration with writingcreek. It was hard very often. And my butt has become big and assiduous. As a result, I started to write lyrics much better.
Maybe, it is a writing university not for all, but just for me?

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