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Thanks. I'd be very interested to hear what they do find.
Ok, so a quick update: After sending Apple my Diagnostic Log files, and them spending a few days with them and testing, my Support person called back to say that it looks like there is definitely an incompatibility issue with the new iPad Pro hardware and these particular apps I'm using. She was actually quite baffled and a bit embarrassed as she profusely apologized. She asked if I could contact the App Developers and explain what's going on, give them my Apple Case number, and have them contact their Apple Support Engineer to help figure out what is actually causing this issue (because apparently, Apple doesn't know.) So I've contacted Moog, and the makers of Layr, AUM and the volunteer free app Synth One by AudioKit Pro (who are actually the only ones that have contacted me back so far, but unfortunately, they don't have the resources to test on a new iPad Pro.)

So that's where I'm at for the moment...