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Old 25th November 2018
I have the TC VSS3 & Lexicon PCM Bundle; they are both outstanding. It's definitely time Lexicon combined the reverb algorithms into a single interface instead of forcing one to choose a plugin to start with, but the set has held up very well despite vigorous competition.
With a UAD system on hand, I favor the Lexicon 224, the EMT Plate 140 and the wonderful AKG BX20 spring reverb, which I think is a standout.
Though not big on most Waves products, their Abbey Roads Chambers plugin is very nice.
I've been tempted by the Waves Hybrid Reverb, but don't see it filling a gap in my collection; if anyone has more insight?
I love the reverbs in Eventide's Anthology XI; my only complaint is that they haven't ported to VST3 yet.
I tried the Relab 480 with the Slate bundle demo; it seemed to sound good, but no presets were installed on my system; having used a set of great impulses with Voxengo's Pristine Space a while back, I missed being able to choose 'Wine Cellar or 'Buckram' or the oil can sounds, etc.
Just two or three days ago UAD released a port of the Lexicon 480, so Relab, Exponential & Valhalla are about to get a run for their money with UAD platform owners. I haven't tried it, but after reading all the comments, the only complaints were the lack of virtual 'converters' like they included win the 224; apparently that would have pushed the CPU usage too high. Otherwise, it's supposed to be a direct port from the original.
Another personal favorite is the East West Spaces II, though they still haven't included all the nice Lexicon Impulses for the standalone plugin, which seems backward to me. The instrument specific true stereo IRs are taken at various angles for maximum realism - and it shows. They are appropriate when using their Sample Libraries and Play engine (along with well recorded live instruments that need full realistic ambiance), but I'd rarely use 'Overhead Expander or '10W-50' on a violin or Erhu or whatever. Still, the included plugin presets are excellent and the new version is both more efficient and more flexible.
Lately I've used either the new Eventide Room 2016, the TC VSS3, Spaces II or a Lexicon PCM for most 'natural tasks' and the Eventide Blackhole for more wild ambient soundscapes. The VSS3 and Room 2016 both have 'Distance parameters to place instruments in the sound-stage without a lot of extra effort.
Another gem, IMO, is the bx_room, which has a tight room sound (occasionally bordering on nasty) perfect for rock drums & heavy guitars.
As much as I've tried, I can't bring myself to use the Softube Tsar 1 reverb; it has that Yamaha Verb sound my friends & I used to joke about (their popular unit from the late 80s) - that clean, almost cold 'pop' verb you hear on Whitney Houston records of the period. The UAD RMX16 is also a bit cold but it has an interesting motion that make it nice for a few applications.
My go to units:
UAD Lexicon 224 (and likely 480)
Eventide 2016 (the new one)
East West Space II
Lexicon PCM
Waves Abbey Road Chambers
UAD AKG BX20 Spring Reverb
Eventide Blackhole
Eventide UltraReverb

I'd love to try all the other plugins mentioned; I don't doubt they are pretty much all great.