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Originally Posted by xamatsni ➡️
Turning 30 doesn't necessarily have to spell the end of your musical hopes and dreams unless you simply give up as many people do at that age. I know plenty of people who have continued to make progress beyond 30.
I had just finished playing with a band I was in for the end of the year party in high school. I was 18. This fellow I was only barely acquainted with walks up to me after the show and with tears in his eyes hands me a rack mount blue face MXR digital delay and says, " I just turned 21 and it's over for me, it's never going to happen... you can have it. "

I still have the delay. I'm 56.


You'll have to weigh it out Lysene and make a choice. Be brutally honest with yourself. Do your ideas have enough merit to warrant your full attention? Are you willing to do whatever it takes?

And if you do have family, try not to be too rough on them. I had an uncle who was an artist. He left a job doing commercial art in a big city to move out west and paint. Cowboys, Indians, buffalo, etc. He left a wife and 5 kids. He did quite well, but I'm sure there were hard feelings that never mended. To a lesser degree some artists of one sort or another make sacrifices, regularly. They miss school plays and birthdays and baseball games. I never had a direct family conflict, but I probably should have gone home to visit the parents more...and I was rarely seen at after concert parties, etc. I was consumed. Songs don't write themselves though...

Good Luck!