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Lives for gear
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Seems like a fun thread, and I've got time and mood to spare

Here's my synth bio/resume/character profile. Didn't have much synth gear early on, as bass guitar became my main, so I filled out the back story instead.

Born: 1967

1984: Roland Juno 106
-- spent car savings to get it
-- total impulse buy with guitar friends at a music store
-- learned synthesis on it, began love of electronic instruments
-- house-shaking bass in Unison mode, full open saws my favorite sound
-- played keys in first rock band Vengence as a high school senior
-- 1984/Jump, Separate Ways, Don't Tell Me You Love Me, Home Sweet Home, Subdivisions, Bryan Adams Heaven, REO Speedwagon Can't Fight this Feeling
-- house parties and one pro gig at Disney World area hotel paid for 75% of the Juno 106 cost
-- brought to University of Florida, but found no bands; dropped out 3rd semester due to partying and no direction/drive
-- sold year later to pay for college fraternity debt/fees

1989: Korg DW-8000
-- bought used, played in original and cover bands -- 1 industrial, 1 acid jazz, 1 new wave/prog, but mostly rock and grunge (5)
-- learned bass guitar, keys became secondary, but still gigged them
-- got Turbo chip to make it bi-timbral
-- great variety of tones for the time; analog filter with strong resonance
-- built in FX made it self contained and stage worthy
-- assignable data slider made great live filter sweeps (2112 intro)
1999: lost at a pawn shop

2000's (pre-Kronos)
2005: Roland Fantom-Xa -- short 1 year love affair, traded for $$$
2009: Alesis Fusion 6 -- $300 floor model Guitar Center, poor-man's Oasys
2010: Alesis Fusion 8 -- $800 new at Discount Music
2011: Alesis Micron, Behringer BCR and BCF (for NRPN control of Micron)
2011: Novation X-station 61 -- used, gigged, and loved until early 2018
2012: Technics WSA1-r (novelty collecting dust)
2012: Yamaha EX5-r (started to embrace VL until falling plywood knocked out front panel)
2013: Yamaha DD65? e-drumkit (novelty)
2013: Alesis Performance pad (novelty, but fun toy drum kit paired with DD65)
2013: more Alesis stuff -- X-guitar, monitors, laser beam FX things, ipad deck, etc
2013: Kurzweil Expressionmate
2013: Ensoniq VFX-SD1 (for the polyaftertouch; keybed defective)

2000's (post-Kronos)
2014: Korg Kronos (OG)
-- expanded with RAM and SSD, OS3.1.2
-- got back into music scene after a decade dry
-- stretched synth/workstation chops learned on Fusions
-- actually programmed dozens of cover songs
-- still largely unexplored, desert island synth
2015: Korg Volca bass (returned)
2016: Roland Integra 7

2017: Alesis Andromeda A6
2017: DSI Prophet 12 module (returned)
2017: OB-6 (sold year later)

2018 (banner year):
Casio Privia PX-5S (for keyboard zones and great piano action)
Mac Book Pro 2015 w/ Mainstage (largely unused, hardware preferred)
Slim Phatty
Matrix 1000

Behringer Model D
DSI Prophet Rev2 (almost returned to fund One)
Arturia KeyLab Mk2 with Analog Lab 3 (unused, Rev2 growing on me)
Moog One (still within grace period, undecided atm)

Prophet XL ?? if sampling import and bugs fixed
Behringer UB-XA if 5 octave bi-timbral w/ presets
sell off everything unused in last 2 years