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Question Rounded Shoulders

I didn't realise the problem was so bad until I realised I was having breathing issues, and attended a Chiropractor for a preliminary exam. The x-ray made my jaw drop.
I've now attended the chiropractor for about 7 sessions, and although his mantra is " this is going to take time to resolve itself", I'm wondering if it's all snake oil, and i'm simply bleeding money.

Im on the computer a LOT, as Im constantly making music.
I have bad eyesight, but there's nothing wrong with the physical eye itself, so glasses won't correct my eyesight, and my eyes are apparently the wrong shape to have contacts.
So, I habitually lean forward, and slouch, and between my shoulder blades feels very tense to the point where when I stand vertical, I can't breathe right, and it feels pretty serious.

Stopping making music is just not an option, but what can I do to relax my shoulders ? I consciously drop them, but 10 seconds later, they're right back in the same position.

So far I've bought a foam roller, an orthpaedic stool ( which, ironically, is agony on the shins) and a few of those back harness things ( a bit like a parachute, but without the parachute part =P ) .............but the problem is I can't relax my shoulders while Im at the computer. They are always suspended in mid-air. I relax them, and 10 seconds later it's as if I never bothered.

Im keen to hear from anyone who's had similar problems with posture and are now fully recovered. Any advice would be priceless. Cheers.