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Hey everyone! So i'm going to college soon and I'm unsure of what I want to do. For the longest time I was sure I was going to study education, primarily elementary school education and ESL training. However, I now am quite interested in music and getting a degree in audio engineering sounds quite fun! I just want to know, what is the job market like for audio engineers? If I get a degree, will I be able to make a decent living off this or will it be a tough industry where i'm fighting for every dollar? I am still interested in education but an audio engineering degree just sound like an awesome way to spend my time

Do what you want, but I highly recommend getting your major in a different field that is in demand, that you are interested in, at a school with an audio program - and use your electives for the audio classes. Do a minor or something. You can ALWAYS do professional audio without a degree if you work at it. You cant though, go back on student loans and 4 years of your life, and a BA if it doesnt work out. Having said that, if you choose to major in it - go to a major city that does a lot of multimedia, and IMMEDIATELY start interning and getting your foot in the door. There is no time to waste and you'll be wasting your time if you just go to classes, and if you arent in a good geography.

But again, you dont need to go to college to learn audio. You can if you want, but colleges and audio programs arent exactly always honest about the job market, nor do they really teach you how to mix or record well. Theyll teach you the tools, but in the end it's about your ear and who you know. Give yourself some breathing room with a complimentary major and dont risk your higher education for a field that has severely constricted, unless you are truly/honestly prepared that it might not turn out - and you might end up working in a factory or retail or something, but hey you got to spend $10,000s for audio school (instead of gear )