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Well i listened on my monitors and headphones using ABX utility, where randomly hearing files and choosing one.
I listened for differences between Slate VMS and Vintage ones.
Why Slate VMS ? Because i want to go for it in black friday sale.

Except C12 emulation , my accuracy for every emulation was around 89-90% where i knew which was vintage and which was emulation.(Even though i dont own any microphone!)

Though in C12, my accuracy was 50-57% through repeated tests. Means its a spot on !!

In rest there is one clear difference, the bottom end--> low end and smoothness is less in vms emulations, it sounds thinner and resonance/harsh/sibilant in loud phrases.

If the hearable difference is this between a vintage and emulated one, i am fine..
But just worried if it holds true when compared to a mid budget 300-500$ microphones.(akg/shure/rode nt1)
How comparable is low end of VMS ? is it thin aka less depth and smooth ?
The FG12 was my favorite of the the VMS emulations when I had it. It’s really good. Beat out a few of my clones too!