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Old 21st November 2018
Lives for gear

The Book Thief - a young German girl is adopted by a family (ie in Germany) right before WW II begins. Centers largely around her family hiding a Jew in the basement. Not without its flaws but good flick overall. Fine acting by the mother and father who adopt her...the girl not so much. There were several key scenes where she kind of fell flat; she just didn't have the intensity she should have. In fact that might be said about the film overall a bit. But not overly so... in fact, I was so glad they don't make it all about WW II or the n a z i s, etc, which would have been easy to beat us over the head with....but that's been done to death 1000 times over so I'm glad they took a refreshingly different approach.

Edit: ironic and curious that a group famous for censorship (the n a z i s) is itself a censored word here.