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Lives for gear
Cant believe I missed this thread!!!

My bang for the buck pick is the cheap crap plastic Danelectro Surf n Turf. Was 12 UK pounds brand new when they came out.
Best approximation of the script Dynacomp that I bought in the seventies & foolishly gave to a mate.
Only down side (as I recently found out) is that the knobs are ultra special.
Break one (as I did) at your peril.
I wound up buying another pedal in the series, so at least I now have a spare in case I break another one!

Aside from that I also have a Digitech DOD FX80B - only down side on that one is the stupid DC in connector and of course the notoriously fragile battery compartment lids.
Oh and er um a Boss CS-3 (blush) which I use for sort of mild sweetening, leaving the more in-yer-face stuff to the other two.

Wondering about those mods to the CS-3....