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The manual suggests you can record the analog and digital inputs at the same time. That makes this a 4-channel recorder. Has anyone done this.
After reading your post, I powered up my Nagra Seven. Its Input Matrix allows you to select and assign Left and Right Analogue Inputs to the Left and Right recording tracks, while simultaneously selecting Left and Right Digital Inputs and assigning them to the Left and Right recording tracks as well. Unfortunately, I do not have an AES source with me to test if it actually records from the Analogue and Digital inputs at the same time. I got a warning message saying that there was nothing connected to the AES inputs, but nothing more.

It also goes into record mode with that configuration, with no complaints or warning messages. So I’m assuming it would be possible to record from both input sources, but I am unable to test that to be certain.

However, it would still be recording to only two tracks because the Input Matrix only offers two recording tracks: Left and Right. So at best, assuming it can record from the Analogue and Digital inputs simultaneously, we could describe it as a four-input two-track recorder.