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I'm running iOS 12 on an iPad Mini 4 which is much less powerful than any of the iPad Pros. I've currently got Animoog and Nave installed on it, and both of these run stand-alone without problems.

You mentioned in your first post that you couldn't run even one single app without problems. Just to check, are you literally just running Nave (for example), playing notes and hearing the kind of stuttering that was evident in the video? If not, does it happen if you hold down some notes and switch pages (e.g. Wave to Filter & Env)? How about if you have background audio enabled, set the keyboard mode to Poly Hold on the Mode & Keys page, play some notes then swipe up to display the App Switcher? Or does it only happen when you start using the apps as plug-ins within AUM?

If both you and your friend can get the stuttering with just a single app running on different devices (particularly if one of them is an older generation iPad) then it points to a bug in iOS 12 that's getting triggered by some specific set of circumstances that I haven't yet encountered on my iPad. If it only happens when you're using the apps as plug-ins inside AUM then it's more likely an issue with AUM.
Yes, I'm literally just opening and running Nave, playing notes, and hearing the extreme stuttering. Nothing else running, no other apps open. If I hold down notes and switch pages, open menus, it gets worse. Nave is not as bad as the Moog Model 15 app or the Layr App, but it still happens. Oddly though, it happens when I load these in the Aum app, but it's not as bad when Aum is hosting. It's worse when I'm using the synth apps stand-alone! That's what's been really baffling me.