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I'm a bit late on this thread but our Akai MG1214 is a sweet machine. Pretty amazing for it's vintage. We love it. It always gets noticed. Had a few channel problems but we have a few spares so we were able to replace it in the middle of a session. Even bouncing some stems from our Pro Tools sessions. We worked out if we send out 10 stems from Pro Tools into the Akai we can then bounce down to track 11 & 12 for the final stereo mix. I's actually a 14 track. 12 tracks plus 1 for midi and one for time code.

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I used to have one of those. Beautiful piece of gear - it was like a mini console that had a proprietary 12 track built in. The fidelity was so so, but it was very well built and laid out. I often took it to rehearsal studios and friend's houses to record things, and man, that thing was a b*tch to lug around.

I only had it for a bit before I traded it in to help get an S-1000.
I've got a 1214 sitting in closet waiting for restoration. It has the common problem where the back-up battery leaked and took out some track on the board.
I hope I can get round to it it next year.

Correction: it's a 1212 , not a 1214 .

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