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Old 19th November 2018
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Glad you figured it out yourself. Best way to learn.

What is your round trip latency?
What are you tracking?
How are you getting your headphone mix?

Maybe you can describe your signal chain, from mic to your ears.
What is going on in between?

@ 48/64 my Round trip latency is only 4.833ms. I do not add a ton of effects when I am tracking, so I do not have any issues when I record. Usually, just a little reverb. I do everything else, after I have my raw tracks. I also can track with a cue mix from other things I already recorded, and still have no issues.

I might bump to 48/128 if I am going to do a large amount of effects or VST stuff. Then my latency is 7.5ms, which is still not a problem for overdubbing with my setup.