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Shane Wilson's Guide to Mixing

We at Audioinstruction LLC, are excited to announce the presale of our latest release: Shane Wilson's Guide to Mixing.

The DVD features over three hours of video, with one of Nashville's top engineers - Shane Wilson. His extensive discography includes credits with artists like Switchfoot, Third Day, Mercy Me, Owsley, and Big Kenny.

If you ever wanted to know the tricks/thought processes/work flow of a mix engineer - this DVD is for you. Shane mixes a pop/rock song he tracked the day before, explaining everything he does in realtime...even more importantly why.

Shane works "in-the-box", sending subgroups to his Trident console. He then applies one of his favorite tricks, parallel-processing, before hitting an ATR-102 1/2" tape machine. Throughout the three hour session, Shane shares his philosophy of mixing, as well as other tricks, plug-in settings, and techniques for mixing faster.

As a bonus, Lynn Fuston of assists with the printing of the mix for comparison purposes. Lynn utilizes Spectrafoo to analyze eight different printings of the same mix through various ouput paths, including tape, various converters, ITB, Neve Summing mixer, etc. Each printing is level matched very accurately, to create the most accurate comparison possible.

Also included is a "director commentary" style discussion, featuring Shane Wilson, Russ Long, Jeff Roach, Lynn Fuston, and Jason Lehning. The panel watches and comments on Shane's workings (among other things). This feature is accessed from the DVD menu, adding an additional three hours of information!

As always, we include all the original WAV files, exactly as Shane received them. Simply import them into your own DAW, and compare/remix/recut to your liking.

Shane Wilson's Guide to Mixing is now shipping at $79.95 USD In addition, we will bundle both Russ Long's Guide and Shane Wilson's Guide for $119.90

Free shipping within the continental U.S.

International customers pay only $7.95 shipping.

To order: go to Master advanced mixing concepts with... (see link at bottom of post)