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Old 19th November 2018
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Great to hear you figured it out. I guess I dont know what to say about no response from support. That has not been my experience.

Not sure what your work flow is, but I do all my monitoring from within the DAW. I run Cubase and use CUE sends. I have never had the need to run monitoring outside my DAW environment.

For my band rig, I still run Cubase, but I send 32 channels of audio to a Midas M32C using X-WSG card, That way the whole band can do their own IEM mixes. I then patch the card outputs for the stereo IEM mixes to the headphone outputs on my IOX's. It works fantastic! Super quiet with now hiss. Before I got the M32C, I used and X32R and a headphone amp. Worked too, but it was noiser.

I would run my monitoring the same if I decide to use LV1 for my system. I just have to add the extreme server. But, I have been happy with the performance and flexibility of Cubase that I havent gone that route...yet.

Even when I ran my RME setup, I did my monitor cues the same way. I always had powerful computers that I could push hard at low latency. I run 48k/64samples or 48/128 depending on what I am doing.

Hope that is useful. Btw- what was the resolution to the routing issue?