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Here is a short video snippet of what is going on.
The stuttering there looks to me like a really severe version of what you get when the processor is overloaded since it's happening in time with the UI being drawn. You mentioned Layr is showing 94% CPU; that's probably the cause.

The messages from AUM could be down to Layr controlling the buffer size: does it have an option to set the size, and if so what happens when you change it?

One suggestion: Layr might be trying to use a very small buffer size to reduce latency; that would up its CPU usage massively. If you can set its buffer size then try 256 (5 milliseconds) and see how it performs. Similarly, if it has the option to reduce the amount of polyphony try setting it to, say, four voices.

If none of that works then it may be something specific to the new iPad Pro's.

As an aside, I've found Animoog to be a particularly good "citizen" when it comes to situations like this: it lets you set the sample rate and buffer size, and it responds correctly when other apps make changes.