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I though the Schoeps superCMIT has two AES outputs? And the Nagra has one stereo digital AES input - so I am a little confused.

Anyone actually tried a Schoeps superCMIT with the Nagra Seven?


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Nagra Seven provides 10V phantom for AES42 mics and I believe is compatible with mode 1 devices. So, it should just be a matter of plugging into the AES port and setting the mode for that port in the Seven's menus for the AES port. From the manual:

"AES screen
The AES screen gives the possibility to choose between AES 3 or AES 42. The AES 42 is the AES format for digital microphones. The Nagra Seven will supply the 10V power for the digital microphones (known as mode 1), but does not run the entire protocol to control the microphones dynamically (mode 2). The 10V supply is only available when the inputs or clock reference are selected to digital, and will be cut is analogue inputs or other references are selected.
The SRC Sample Rate Converter can also be activated making sure there are no synchronization issues between the digital microphones / inputs and the recorder."