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The audio hardware in Apple's newer devices always runs at 48kHz; if an app allows you to set 44.1kHz then there will be some sample rate conversion going on. This won't happen if you use an external interface: you'll genuinely get whatever sample rate you set.

I'm not sure why you're seeing AUM say you can't change the buffer size: that should work as expected.

Quick explanation (with my iOS developer's hat on) if you're interested. Apps can't directly set the sample rate or buffer size: they can request a "preferred" rate and size but there's no guarantee that they'll actually get it, plus they have to be able to cope with iOS changing things at any time. So it may be that AUM is incorrectly reporting it can't change the buffer size thanks to another app or a bug in iOS 12.

The crackling / stuttering thing isn't something I've encountered with iOS 12 on older hardware so I'd guess that may be specific to the new iPads: I'd definitely report it to Apple because it's basically making your iPad unfit for purpose.
Thanks for the input. I really think it is a hardware thing (or all of the developers need to update their music apps to work with whatever is different on the new iPad Pros.)

Here is a short video snippet of what is going on. AUM is showing the incorrect Buffer Size, but no matter what I choose (including what supposedly is the current Buffer Size) I get the same error. It's just really disheartening to spend $1800 on something that can't even handle apps that people with older model iPads can use...