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Old 16th November 2018
It used to happen to me fairly frequently...sleep paralysis. There would be this intense buzzing and I'd often astral project. When I was 13 I was taking a nap on my brother's bed at his home and I zipped 300+ miles to the tv room at home.

But most of the time I'd just be somewhere in the bedroom room looking down on myself.

It happened a lot for a while in my early 30's and it was starting to freak me out.

There was an assistant conductor around at the time who was into Tibetan Buddhism that told me to tell myself that I won't detach, and I don't know if I can chalk it up to that, but it has happened a lot less since then. When it does, I've been able to manage to make enough noise about it that it wakes my wife and she usually shakes me out of it.

It would be nice if it seemed no cause for concern and I could take advantage of the event somehow. Maybe next time...