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I love my Xotic SP. I use it in the lo mode with both knobs at around 2:00. I keep the internal dip-switches in the stock position.
My favourite things about the Xotic SP are:
[1] very low noise floor, especially compared to most other floor comps.
[2] a BOATLOAD of extra gain on tap! Great for solo boosts.
[3] Compression blend control. Natural attack, with the sustain coming in behind it.

It's actually pretty adjustable, with the interior switching, but I haven't had to mess with that to get what I want. Smooth, natural-sounding, relatively noiseless, gain if you want it...

I had a Keeley before this one, and for MY needs, this one blows the Keeley away. Don't get me wrong, the Keeley sounds good, but this one is better for me, mostly because of the make-up gain available. I believe the SP was based on the Ross comp with some obvious improvements.

Before these, I used a DOD Milkbox. It had (barely) enough gain, but boy, was it ever noisy!

My only complaint was the large knobs; the volume knob, next to the switch, got moved almost every time I kicked it on. So I removed the knob and put a much smaller one on. We're good now.