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Had some good friends who worked at a music store back in the day who used to let me take home stuff to try in my studio first. I have A/B'd the Analogman Comp'Rosser (Ross remake), Keely modded C-2, Dynacomp, Boss CS-3, and the Barber TonePress.

Barber was by far the best sounding pedal to my ears, and for a couple of reasons. First, you can smash the signal but it won't ever truly kill the sound. None of the other pedals were capable of that. Second, it has a true bypass blend knob, so you can get a LOT more variety in tones, almost to the the point of a "parallel compressed" guitar signal mixed in with the cleans. Third, as with most all Barber pedals, you can open up the device and they've provided pots that are adjustable with screwdrivers, etc. The TP has an additional tone knob internally that you can modify which gives it another level of possibility of sound.

Been using it for years and have never needed anything else. Smooth sustain, punchy and defined low notes even when playing in an organ trio, and cuts through larger ensembles like funk/soul, etc. I'm running a PRS hollowbody as my main rig.