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Old 15th November 2018
Lives for gear
I've been enjoying the Chameleon Labs TS-1's for the last few years as my go-to overhead mics. Spaced omni or hypercardioid depending on what I'm going for in the moment. Previously I'd use a pair of altec lipstick tube mics in cardioid'ish (the pattern is the laziest cardioid you'll ever see, verges on omni) but they live on my piano now.

Also used to use a pair of U67's and yeah those are great. I've also tried the Oktava MK-012's, 2500 MKL's, Neumann KM84's, AKG 414's with and without CK12 capsule, all the typical suspects, even RCA 77DX, etc. By far the best ever was a pair of Neumann KM254's, now those are real unobtainium bust sounded oh-so-good with those nickel caps. I wonder if a pair of Sony C37A's would sound as good as another pair of completely unobtainables.