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... As far as the jitter reduction goes I can't go into detail about how it works as it is proprietary, but suffice it to say that we can hook up a DAC1 with 1000' of cable and will be as jitter immune as if we were to hook it up with 3" of cable ...
Hi please excuse me i know it is an old thread ... but i got one unit just now (this 1st edition)
I wonder if the above mentioned jitter reduction circuit is effective with all the digital connection options at the same level. In general i wonder which would be the best way to connect it to a source. I suspect that AES/EBU could be the best way to go ... but i am all ears for advice. This really nice little thing could be definitive for my playback system for controlling powered monitors via xlrs.
Thank you very much indeed.
Warmest regards, gino

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