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I own many of the mics featured in this drum overhead review. I sold my Neumann KSM184 pair in favor of the Oktava MK012 (a nice factory set) as stereo drum overheads (and also a world class Martin D28 style guitar stereo recording pair). The Oktava's always won our in house blind listening tests on drums. (But don't sound that good on piano, go figure!)

The MK012 mics are essentially the older Neumann KSM84, which, like the Oktava, is a very sweet sounding mic (unlike the KSM184 which can sound brittle).

I run my Oktava MK012 pair through Rupert Neve 5052 high voltage preamps, and on through the 5088 console. Can't beat it! (OK, I do love ribbon overheads and some others, but a good Oktava PAIR only costs around $500 and are rich sounding!)
I used the mk012 for overheads for 8 years. I really wouldnt call them km84s.