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Old 5th July 2007
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having just completed my room and heard what auralex does in the past...i'd say definitely go with panels....

the clincher for me DIYing them myself was, as is for most people, cost.

figure 38 dollars for theirs...i needed 26 in my room (not including the basstraps for the corners)

that totals 988 bucks

i spent 225 on 703 (5 boxes of 6, so actually 30 pieces)
about 100 on fabric
and about 20 on wood

on top of that...a few bucks for screws, staples, wire to hang em, etc.

after all was said and done, bass traps, clouds, i probably paid 1/3rd of the price, wasn't limited by their color selections, had a product that looked just as good and it's the same exact stuff...

now if i had the money, i would've probably bought them from a supplier, had them come and install them, and build the entire damn room for me...

*shrug* don't though.