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Old 15th November 2018
Here for the gear

hello i thought i would bump this thread instead of making new one. i am making a little setup at home to record demos and i have m312b, roland space echo re-201 and mbox2 mini and wondering how i can set the space echo up so i can mix with it. i read some people using normal channels as returns but not sure. i do not have any sort of di box/line converters. would like to have it setup just to mix vocals mainly. i am using reaper

46277517 301260917152352 2393142969738723328 n —

46219862 956295514571920 1552412484575428608 n —

46256424 448754165650709 6722406687698845696 n —

46268716 572233056577137 4625037534152359936 n —

46332264 189252435249566 1886250006046834688 n —

any help much appreciated