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Old 14th November 2018
Here for the gear

Avocet R.I.P. by a stroke 1 week ago.
i replaced it with RAM 5000.

ok here we go:

- solid
- solid sounding Relais
- METERs but Mix Output is Jack
- many Options for leveling
- cable based remote, not happy with the knobs(not responding)
- neutral Sound
- 3 Speaker Outs
- 5.1 Needs another unit to upgrade to

RAM 5000

- lighter weight as AVCT
- Relais sounding thinner
- no meters, BUT XLR Mix Output preFader
- direct Access from avocet mostly hidden in shift+knob (mono, Phase etc.)
- Radio based remote - chilling on the Sofa is now possible
- Sound(as it follows the AVCT) is not different from AVCT mixes in the future will proove it or not
- 5 Speaker Outs
- 5.1 possible directly(inclusive Bass MGMT)
- KILLER: BluTooth direct Connection possible from Handy, Tablet etc.

i will post Sound stuff when i finished few first mixes on it.


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