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They are good, but there really isn't much need to communicate with them directly. The Reaper Forum is one of the most busy and helpful places you can possibly imagine. I have gotten detailed answers to some of the most obscure questions. And there are dozens of free training videos done by a Reaper user named Kenny Gioia (sp) that help you learn just about everything there is to know. Just about every major feature (and many minor ones) are covered. It is one of the most vital and alive software communities I've ever seen.

The development team is small (2 developers), so I think most people respect that they are busy coding and developing software, and try not to take up much of their time with personal requests, but they do communicate there regularly. There are public beta versions of the software, and they interact directly with people doing beta tests daily.

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Actually I never knew that, so thanks!

btw, one thing that really attracted me about S1 five years ago was that the Presonus owners and developers appeared often on the forum and engaged with the members. Then that abruptly ended and Presonus acted like every other corporation, distant and too good to engage with the peasants. I remember at the same time I bought S1 that the REAPER developers were good about returning emails. Anything changed or are they still communicative?